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General manager - Print factory in Romania

General Manager - Print factory production

Type of contract: Full-time position

Starting date: July 2020

Our Company/ Background of the company:

Fair & Square was established in 2016 for the purpose of creating good working conditions in the textile industry. To date we run a successful garment factory in China. In 2017 we opened a small printshop in Oslo, Norway, printing clothing for businesses and our own online store. In august 2020 we move this production to Roman in Romania. The CEO of Fair & Square have in the past few years gotten to know many poor Roma travelling to Oslo looking for earning opportunities. Because of educational background, language skills and racism most people end up begging, playing in the street or collecting bottles. The printshop employed a young Roma man with great success. It is time to expand. We will start with 5 employees in addition to the general manager.

The new factory will be based in Romania will be a unique 100% Roma factory aiming to facilitate the social integration and employment of the Roma people which is the most discriminated ethnic minority in Europe. The concept and core mission of this factory will try to tackle the socio-economic gap between the Roma and the majority population by prioritizing Roma for the work positions, helping them to build their self-confidence, financial stability having a stable and permanent income and a professional qualification. Another goal of the company is to establish the Romani language as the main working language at the company.


Responsibilities and tasks:

  • Responsible for ensuring day to day operation and administrative work
  • Assuring an optimal production process and logistic operations, respecting standards and deadlines
  • Liaising with the local authorities and building good relations with suppliers
  • Managing payroll, social benefits and other issues related to Human Resources
  • Managing the economic responsibilities of the company
  • Manage, supervise, coach, develop and motivate the team/employees
  • Taking part in the development of the factory
  • Manage various ad hoc situations (which may occur on shift) in a professional and timely manner

The profile of the ideal candidate:

  • Likes production systems and likes to follow them
  • Accountable and trustworthy
  • Geniune interest and knowledge of the Roma communities and related issues in the society
  • Fully understands the goals of the company and is motivated by them
  • Committed to support and promote the Roma population and their values in society
  • A strong belief in ethical business values and fully despite any means of corruption
  • Fluent in Romanian language (both written and spoken)
  • Fluent in Romani language (spoken)
  • Ability to communicate efficiently in English at basic or intermediate level (both written and spoken) for proper communication with clients and international suppliers
  • Higher education

Prior work experience in the clothing production industry or management is not necessary. If you have the right attitude and willingness to learn it can outweigh prior knowledge or work experience.

Roma candidates with little or no prior knowledge of Romani language are also encouraged to apply

What we can offer:

  • Being part and contributing in the development of a unique and unprecedent Roma factory in Romania that will create new work opportunities for the Roma communities
  • Self-development and professional development
  • Negotiable salary
  • Pension scheme and social insurance


If you wish to apply, please send your CV in English with the subject” Roma Factory Manager” to:

 CEO Sigmund Hegstad,


Other information:

Workplace: Strada Teiului 20, Roman 611047, Romania

For more information concerning the position contact:

CEO, Sigmund Hegstad, + 47 41046126,


Deadline for applications 29.02.2020


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